Thursday, 19 April 2012

Skincare Lust

Hello everyone!

Yesterday I treated myself...

Now, I know that at £38 a pot this stuff isn't cheap. BUT!! I used it for a long time (before I decided not to afford it anymore) and it was just so luxurious on my skin.

I have combination skin (dry but oily and prone to breakouts), so I decided to give the Dr Nick Lowe skincare routine a go. It was their range for blemished skin in particular. But I found that it just dried me out, stripped out all the natural oils in my skin and frankly made me wrinkly!

This little lot was from Selfridges (the toner and cleanser were included in the price of the day cream) and although its a little splurge, I'm hoping for good results as I've used it before. There are lots of yummy skin ingredients like glycerol and hyraulonic acid for plumping and moisturising.

The lady at the counter gave me some little samples of their serum too, so I will be testing that to see how I get on!

My only reservation is that I have been using Simple skincare for a while now (to try and bring the cost down) so I hope my skin doesn't find this too rich.

But I'm so happy and looking forward to treating my skin again, and it smells heavenly too!

MUApril x


  1. Ohh , Cool ! : >

  2. Hi, contratulations 4 your blog, it's pretty nice! Good Job.

  3. bleh i don't think i would ever spend that much on products. also, if you're looking to go more natural, you should try witch hazel as a toner. it is amazing. or more natural in general, check out my skin care routine:

  4. I know what u mean but when you find a product that works on your skin I think I would pay anything! It is quite rich but my skin certainly feels plumper and more moisturised. I find that witchhazel really dries my face out but it's great for spots! Just in concentrated areas. Thanks for the comment